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WunderKeys: Piano for Preschoolers

Is my child ready to start the Wunderkeys program?

Readiness for Piano lessons can vary widely among 3 year olds! While some 3 year olds are very verbal but have difficulty focusing, others focus very well but have trouble with coordination. At this age, sometimes even just 6 months can make a big difference in terms of what they will get out of their lessons. When considering your child’s readiness, take the following into account (in no particular order):

  • Does s/he show interest in the Piano? Does s/he like moving to music?
  • Does s/he know the difference between banging on the Piano and playing carefully?
  • Does s/he respond well to questions when asked?
  • Does s/he sit and listen to (short) stories with interest?
  • Can s/he follow 2-part instructions (such as “Find your red sock and put it on the bed.”)
  • Is s/he confident when speaking with other adults?
  • Would s/he be happy in a setting where you were not present?
  • Is s/he easily brought back to task when distracted?
  • Does s/he know her/his body parts by name (ie. hand, finger, toes, head etc.)
  • Is s/he potty trained?
  • Can s/he speak clearly and make her/himself understood in most situations?
  • Can s/he wiggle just her/his thumbs when asked?

If you find you are answering “no” or “not quite” to many of these questions it is suggested that you wait a few months before beginning WunderKeys lessons. Little ones develop and change rapidly! WunderKeys is designed to help them grow and learn and creates the most feelings of success when they enter lessons able to do most of the tasks above.